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Estimating The Man Power Needed For Your Move

  One of the harder things to do when moving is knowing exactly how much moving help you will need.J&L Movers, LLC has put together a chart to attempt to help understand what exactly you will need for your next move.   Studio ...

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Protecting Your Home While Moving

Moving is challenging for anyone. One thing that many people do not consider is the safety of their homes while moving. With people in and out most the day, not removing shoes and carrying large items, can cause damage that will probably ...

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Decluttering Before Your Move

One of the best things you can de before your big move is declutter. Often people collect a lot of different household items over the years. Some are necessities and some are not. The items not considered necessities, might be clutter you can get ...

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How to Pack Delicate and Breakable Items

Most people have delicate and breakable items in their home they value.  These items take longer to pack because they require special handling. Here are pro packing tips on how to secure breakable and delicate items. One additional quick ...

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Top Reason to Hire Movers

More than likely, at some point, you have moved homes or locations, whether you moved from one state to another or moved from one area of metro Atlanta to another.  If you have ever had the sometimes unpleasant experience of moving, did you ...

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